Thursday, October 20, 2011

Utrecht October 2011

Spent a couple of days in my favourite Dutch city. Weather wasn't too good, but the town itself makes up for that. Stayed in the NH Jaarbeurs which is a bit dated - my usual domicile the Karel V was booked out.

Great Indian restaurant - Taj Mahal Zadelstraat 32.

Gadafy was topped as I was here - good Karma!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vilnius, Lithuania October 2011

Spent a couple of days working here.

Had some time to explore the city.

Different to the other Nordic/Baltic capitals - not on the sea, feels like a mix between Finland/Poland. Think of mixing the nice features of Helsinki with the not so nice features of Warsaw.

People very friendly - English spoken/understood nearly everywhere except by bus drivers!

Hotel recommendation: Novotel Astoria in the old town
good cafe: Pilies Kepyklele in Pilies St.

restaurants in the old town are expensive by local standards - ca €20 for a main with beer (1 beer...)

Lovely river flowing thru the city - It flows in from Belarus which is ca. 50 kms away. Apparently Mr Lukashenko in his infinite wisdom has decided to build a nuclear power station on the banks of this lovely river - just across the border. Let's hope Gaia inspires him to build a windpark instead!